Pinamar and a strong police operation so that tourists do not receive 2021 on the beach

After a very difficult year, thousands of Argentines decided to travel to the Atlantic Coast to receive 2021 by the sea and take the opportunity to start their vacations. All in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that, far from ending, to have already started the famous “second wave.”

For this reason, many mayors announced measures to prevent, mainly, the holding of parties in the silver, before the closure of the clubs.

However, this Friday the images of the strong police operation carried out in Pinamar from the very beginning of 2021 to prevent tourists from receiving 2021 on the beaches. And the messages on social networks quickly followed, most of them questioning the measure and the local mayor, Martín Yeza, from Cambiemos.

“Boys, if the epidemiological situation in Pinamar is so chaotic, they should not have enabled the season and avoid taking the police out to the streets,” wrote a Twitter user. “Communism came to Pinamar”, published another.

“Incredible the police cordon in Pinamar. They are all insane, this is crazy. Let people live ”, tweeted Juanna Redolfi, one of those who commissioned to make the images viral.

The Pinamar thing is the first outrage of 2021… And many more of these will come “, published another user of the social network.

Another of the images that were broadcast on Twitter.

Another of the images that were broadcast on Twitter.

It is a police operation to avoid crowds!“Yeza explained Thursday night before the questioning and questions he received on social networks.

However, other users supported the security measure. “In Pinamar they are taking care of a great overflow of Covid, do not insult go home, do not infect,” was one of the messages.

Police officers at the access to one of the spas.

Police officers at the access to one of the spas.

“Last night there were parties everywhere, unfortunately we live surrounded by irresponsible people. I am at the antipodes of this government, but how much hospital capacity does Pinamar have? There are people who believe that the covid ended,” wrote another user.

The situation caused Pinamar to be the first trend on Twitter in the early hours of this Friday.


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