Pinamar: an emblematic spa was closed for not respecting the COVID-19 protocols on New Year’s Eve

UFO Point, this morning, during the closing of the New Year's party for exceeding the public limit
UFO Point, this morning, during the closing of the New Year’s party for exceeding the public limit

Not even five hours had passed since the new year that what was feared might happen. At least two spas and a drive-in theater ignored the rules of the Province and the Municipality to work during the pandemic and they organized parties with more people than allowed and in places where it was not authorized.

The ten municipal control agents assigned to the night shift here in Pinamar spent an agitated New Year’s morning. The first impact of the summer occurred around 4 AM when personnel from the Municipality and the Registry of Alcoholic Beverages Commercialization (REBA) of the Buenos Aires government landed together with the Buenos Aires Police at the famous parador UFO Point. who had organized an exclusive celebration: the table to receive 2021 cost 100,000 pesos and the entrance to the party after 12 at night, $ 4,000.

But everything suddenly ended and the close 400 people who had huddled at the spa, without social distance or masks, were evicted. This Friday the Municipality was preparing a preventive closure and a fine for the place for exceeding the capacity of allowed people and for not complying with the protocols of care for COVID-19 arranged for gastronomic places in cities in Phase 4, such as Pinamar .

The operation in the parador was in charge of the Municipality and the Province
The operation in the parador was in charge of the Municipality and the Province

“The big issue we had is that many businesses that face the beach were well managed within each establishment but not outside, and the activity on the beach was important in two or three specific places. That is why photos were taken and, due to the number of people there, more than allowed, procedures were carried out without closure, “he explained to Infobae Alejandro Zakim, Director of Inspection of Pinamar.

In the Municipality they evaluate preventive closures for both UFO and the Kophiphi hostel for the same reasons and the consequent financial fines, which can reach up to 3,500,000 pesos. “At this moment UFO is not closed but we will go to put the sash”, Zakim clarified. A closure of this type can be for the day -to make cease the fault committed- or it can go up to 90 days. It is speculated that in the case of UFO it will be for a few days but they will lose their jobs for the weekend, probably the days that more people arrive in Pinamar this January, given the circumstances of the pandemic.

UFO Point, closed during the afternoon of this Friday, January 1 (Diego Medina)
UFO Point, closed during the afternoon of this Friday, January 1 (Diego Medina)

According to the mayor of Pinamar, Martín Yeza, on his social networks, the Commune received 30 complaints about annoying noise during New Year’s Eve. “23 were resolved by talking to the neighbors and 7 homes were fined for persistence. There was 1 closure in a spa and a police eviction in a drive-in movie that organized a party. In Pinamar there are about 300,000 people. We really believe that the night in general was orderly and unfortunately there is never a lack of those who break the rules of respect and coexistence“, wrote.

The place was fined for “Misrepresentation of item”, since they have a drive-in movie and a small bar. “But we went and it was an open-air bowling alley”Zakim detailed in reference to the drive-in, located near the entrance to the city from Route 11.

So the Municipality made an infraction for violation of protocols, since in addition to not being authorized to make a party, it had allowed some 500 people. “It was neither a bar nor a drive-in. It was something much greater. They used that property as a space for people, “added the official.

The drive-in theater organized a clandestine party for 500 people: it was closed
The drive-in theater organized a clandestine party for 500 people: it was closed

The year started with a certain controversy in this seaside resort on the Atlantic coast by the police operation deployed in the Rambla de Bunge and the sea, a space traditionally used to celebrate the arrival of the new year but which was the scene of several pitched battles carried out by young people in previous summers. Dozens of police from the special units guarded the area to avoid fights, which finally did not occur. It was not an unpublished image, since it occurred in previous years, but that did not prevent criticism from emerging on social networks.

“Incredible the police cordon in Pinamar. They are all insane, this is crazy. Let the people live ”, tweeted Juanna Redolfi, one of those who was in charge of viralizing the images. While Leandro MV added: “It is not the Gaza Strip, it is Pinamar in Argentina.”

The police operation during New Year's night in Bunge and the sea (@RedolfiJuanma)
The police operation during New Year’s night in Bunge and the sea (@RedolfiJuanma)

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing”, “it’s outrageous”, “Pinamar looks like North Korea”. The discomfort of the users was felt strongly in the networks when they did not understand such deployment of the security forces to guard the beach.

But Yeza explained it in a series of tweets. “The control operation has been implemented for two years to avoid pitched battles, and this year also to avoid large crowds of people due to the pandemic. It would be a bad mayor if he said ‘I did not know that about 50,000 people gather in Bunge and Av del Mar on New Years and kill each other with punches.’ It is what happens. I understand that many do not like reality and that is why some of us work to manage and transform it. What was the result of our measurements? 1) There was no vandalization of the public patrimony 2) There was no pitched battle in this area of ​​great affluence. I understand that we get used to interpreting ‘photos’, something that has done badly to politics. I invite you to evaluate results ”.

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