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They manage the wealth of rich people, make huge profits: hedge fund managers – people who know how to handle money!

Despite the global pandemic, the best financial managers have shown it again: No crisis can do anything to us! The ten best hedge fund managers in the world earned around 20.1 billion euros in 2020 – despite Corona! For comparison: in the previous year it was “only” 13.4 billion. The money portal reports „Institutional Investor“.

All of the top 10 hedge fund managers earned more than $ 1 billion in 2020. In 2019 there were eight. And: on average, the best hedge fund managers received a return of 43 percent!

BILD shows the insane salaries of the ten best hedge fund managers!

1st place: Israel Englander

He is number 1: Israel “Izzy” Englander! The American investor earned $ 3.8 billion for his own pocket with his hedge fund “Millennium Management”.

But his investors can also be happy: Englander earned 10.2 billion US dollars for them, making a return of 26 percent.

In total, the financial professional manages total assets of 39.2 billion euros. Englander founded his fund in 1989 with start-up capital of 35 million euros. The man knows his trade!

2nd place: James Simons

Mathematician and finance manager James “Jim” Harris Simons is the founder of the Renaissance Technologies fund and raised $ 2.6 billion.

With his fund (founded in 1982), Simons manages $ 70 billion and made a return of 76 percent last year.

James Simons with his wife Marilyn Simons

James Simons with his wife Marilyn SimonsFoto: Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Platz 3: Chase Coleman

Charles Payson “Chase” Coleman III (45) is the founder of the “Tiger Global Management” fund and earned around 2.5 billion US dollars in 2020.

His fund made a return of 48 percent.

The Coleman couple: Chase Coleman with his wife Setpahnie

Chase Coleman with wife StephanieFoto: Bloomberg via Getty Images

4th place: Kenneth Griffin

The art collector and company Kenneth Griffin is the founder and head of the “Citadel” fund. His 2020 paycheck: $ 1.8 billion!

“Citadel” made a return of 24 percent.

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin (52)Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Shared 5th place: Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen also collects art (Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of a Young Peasant Woman, 1890, bought for $ 137.5 million) and earned $ 1.7 billion with his hedge fund “Point72 Asset Management”.

Its investors are happy about a return of 16 percent.

He also owns the New York Mets baseball team: Steve Cohen

He also owns the New York Mets baseball team: Steve A. Cohen (64)Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP

Shared 5th place: David Tepper

David Tepper made about $ 1.7 billion in 2020. Tepper is also the owner of the American football team “Carolina Panthers”.

With his fund “Appaloosa Management” he gave his investors a return of 13 percent.

Platz 7: Philippe Laffont

Finance juggler Philippe Laffont’s paycheck reads $ 1.6 billion.

For his donors, he earned a return of 63 percent.

Shared 8th place: Ole Andreas Halvorsen

The Norwegian Ole Andreas Halvorsen increased his fortune by 1.5 billion euros!

His fund “Viking Global Investors” made a return of 27 percent.

Shared 8th place: Scott Shleifer

Scott Shleifer works at the Tiger Global Management fund (like 3rd place Chase Coleman) earned $ 1.5 billion last year.

10th place: Bill Ackman

Last place, but still mega-rich: the American fund manager Bill Ackman!

He's studying at Harvard: finance mogul Bill Ackman

He studied at Harvard: finance mogul Bill AckmanFoto: MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS

Ackman made $ 1.4 billion with his Pershing Square Capital Management fund. His fund made a return of 70 percent.

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