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Photos and video: Fire spreads in the Constitution

The Juarez Journal

Saturday, 02 January 2021 | 18:46

Juarez City- For reasons that are still unknown, a used auto parts business caught fire this Saturday in the late afternoon on Cartagena Street in the Constitución neighborhood; the fire spread to one of the nearby homes, which was partially damaged, but no injuries were reported.

According to the elements of the Fire Department that attended the incident, it began in the junk called “Auto Parts Angeles”, on Cartagena street almost on the corner with José Luis Revilla, in the area near the maquiladoras, south of the Carlos Amaya perimeter.

It is unknown if the fire, which was detected before 6:00 in the afternoon, was accidental or caused by someone, since less than an hour before, four individuals set fire to vehicles that are for sale in the market known as “The curve”.

It will be when the expert report is made in the next few days, when the cause of the accident is known, the firefighters commented.

Due to the fact that in the auto parts business there were easily-burning materials, the fire spread rapidly, requiring the intervention of several firefighters, who used three extinguishing machines and a tank to control the fire.

In the courtyard of the affected house the fire also spread rapidly because there were brush and trees, which fanned the flames, but fortunately the firefighters stopped their advance to other houses and nearby yards.

According to the comments of the Fire Department elements, before 7:00 in the afternoon the incident was under control, preventing it from spreading to more houses adjacent to the junk.

The smoke could be seen from several blocks away; agents of the Road Safety Coordination, assisted by municipal police, blocked from two blocks around the site where the fire occurred, while several state agents were also present, but many were only observing.

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