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Photo went around the world – the miracle rescue of the baby of Kabul

Phoenix/Kabul – The world held its breath in this photo …

On the run from the Taliban, a desperate father at the airport in Kabul passes his crying baby over the barbed wire fence to a US soldier.

The tragic story has a happy ending! Father Hameed, mother Sadia and eight-week-old Liya are happily reunited and have found a new home in Phoenix (Arizona, USA)!

On US TV, the Afghan tells how the world-famous photo came about.

Father Hameed had worked as a translator and cultural advisor for the US military for five years, helping the Americans with the evacuation at the airport. That is why he was separated from his family and did not experience the birth of his daughter.

When the Taliban took power, it was clear that he and his family had to flee. “People were killed. Because I was in the military, I knew they would join us next, ”said Hameed.

Sadia packed up a few things and drove to the airport with the 16-day-old baby. On the way, the Taliban took everything away from her. At the airport gate she met her husband and gave him his daughter.

Hameed: “I knew she would never make it. She would be crushed to death. ”The father pleaded with a soldier for help. “I gave my baby to a complete stranger that day,” he says. “The only thing I trusted is that he was a US soldier.”

The family was lucky and was flown to the USA on the same day.

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