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Photo went around the world – from the wild pig to the mini model

The photo of the wild boar, which fled from a naked elderly gentleman at Berlin’s nudist lake with a laptop bag in its mouth, went around the world in August 2020. Now the notorious Klausau has received a memorial.

A miniature of the wild animal with a bag, a man and two air mattresses costs 13.99 euros at the “Busch Modelbau” model railway distributor. “It’s in the action set for the realistic enlivenment of the model world, sales are going well,” says an employee on the phone. Indeed: Most of the Berlin dealers have sold out the good piece.

The actress Adele Landauer, who took the photo, thinks the whole thing is not in order to initiate legal action carefully. “I had a lot of work from the story, financially nothing, that other people are now making money with without asking me, I don’t think it’s okay,” she says.

The pigs have disappeared at the Teufelssee

At Teufelssee, the sun is shining around a year after the stealing, and naked people line up. Only the pigs that rummaged through the meadow every day last year are no longer there. And the Klausau apparently dead.

Regular guest Sadao (79): “Because of the African swine fever, 1,800 wild boars were shot in Berlin and she was probably there.” Hans Schiller (79) thinks that’s right. “It goes well until a child is attacked,” he says. “If she were still alive, she would come immediately, the animal doesn’t forget where to find food.”

Gilbert-Laurent Goedeke (30) has stretched a hammock between two trees. He misses the daily antics with the animals from last year. “I can imagine that there is something about the railroad model that will become an international cult,” he says.

She has not seen the man who managed to get his laptop back by clapping loudly, says nudist Karin (80). The hustle and bustle was probably too much for that. “You know: fear eats up souls. So life is.”

According to Berlin’s wildlife officer Derk Ehlert (54), it will not be long before other pigs reappear in the small pond next to the former allied listening station on Teufelsberg. The rubbish left by bathers simply smells too “interesting” for the animals. “The fact that the sow has now been immortalized in a model is charming and typical of Berlin,” he says.

Klausau victim Flumi is fine again

Two weeks after the theft at Teufelssee, the Bache had attacked the blond Afghans Flumi (15) out of a bush, almost killed (BILD reported). Kathleen’s (49) dog saved 8,000 euros for several operations in the veterinary clinic and 70 dog blood donations from BILD / BZ readers.

“Normally I would have to find the model inappropriate, because Flumi dismantled the thing and attacked my friend, who is still suffering from the shock,” says the owner – “But of course it’s also funny.”

Because of the blood transfusions that saved other dogs as well, she may get some benefit from the whole thing in the end. “The Klausau has a memorial, the dogs their blood transfusions. All’s well that ends well.”

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