Photo gallery with Minister Shoigu: Putin roams through the Siberian snow

Photo gallery with Minister Shoigu
Putin roams the Siberian snow

It’s a new episode in a very, very long series: Russia’s President in the Wild. Again and again Putin can be photographed in nature. The pictures are a little less spectacular now, but image maintenance seems to be an important part of government work.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recovered from the troubles of state business during a short trip into the Siberian snow. Together with his defense minister Sergei Shoigu, the 68-year-old spent the weekend in the seclusion of the taiga, as the Kremlin announced. The photos showed how the two politicians walk through snow-covered forests and look out for wild animals with binoculars.

Putin also got behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle and drove it through the winter landscape with a smile. In contrast to Putin’s earlier excursions, this time the two men were dressed in warm clothes and traditional Russian boots.


Can enjoy the Siberian cold: Putin and his defense minister Shoigu.

(Foto: picture alliance/dpa/Sputnik)

The excursion also took Putin to the Schoigus tinkering room, where he makes woodwork in his free time. The president’s physical well-being was also taken care of: Putin and Shoigu sat down at a rustic wooden table and feasted in the open air.

In the past, Putin had repeatedly had himself photographed on excursions into the taiga and displayed his well-trained body. For example, the Kremlin distributed pictures of Putin fishing or how the president tans his bare chest.

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