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Phones are raided and hijacked in a case against a judge and a group of lawyers investigated in Chubut

According to Diario Jornada de Chubut, the raid was carried out with the aim of establishing where a generator set (owned by the Ganadera Santa Elena SRL company) was, seized and auctioned irregularly. That is why there was an operation at a private home and another at the headquarters of the Masteva company, located on the outskirts of Esquel, and owned by Simeoni.

With the authorization of Judge Rolón, on this site it was found that a Caterpillar generator set valued at 161 thousand dollars. An expert appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Esquel intervened in the diligence, who reviewed the current status of the asset that had been auctioned with the excuse of paying a labor lawsuit whose confirmed conviction was for $ 25 thousand pesos. Simeoni won the auction by paying the modest sum of $ 97 thousand pesos, as revealed by Ámbito. All within the process that Arbilla had authorized, for now accused of breach of official duties. The team was kept safe on the raided premises. Venancio and Simeoni are charged with procedural fraud. Now the collection of evidence from the phone of the businessman who took the generator will begin.

The proceedings were carried out by the personnel of the Esquel Investigations Division, in charge of the commissioner Pablo Carrizo, who verified that the Caterpillar generator set was indeed stored in a container in its state of conservation and without use.

To Venancio, the prosecutor Bottini adjudges to have proceeded to the seizure of the generator in the town of Gobernador Costa, to later dispose of it in an auction that took place in February 2019, the aforementioned Simeoni acquiring it for a sum well below its market value, that could be considered vile price. According to the complaint filed by businessman Cristóbal López and investigated by the prosecutor Bottini, Venancio knew that the property in question did not belong to the defendant in a labor lawsuit, but to another company (Ganadera Santa Elena SRL), but he also managed to seize it and top it off.

The other aspect that the Justice is investigating is whether Judge Arbilla, who led the entire operation, knew about the situation or was deceived by Venancio. The curious thing is that the magistrate, as soon as the case that is a judicial scandal in Chubut broke out, made a closed defense of Venancio’s role and charged against the injured company, arguing that she had not made any claims in the three labor files that she was in charge of and that, in other words, he had not defended himself. In a contradictory manner, he also threatened to denounce the lawyers ofEstacimiento Santa Elena SA because they prevented the auction of other assets through presentations before the judge who should authorize them. He accused them of “intimidation.”

Faced with all this situation, Arbilla – who occupies the Court of First Instance in Civil, Commercial and Labor of the Northwest District – was challenged in the three labor files that are still processing, but refused to withdraw. At the same time, it was denounced in the local Magistracy Council for the causes of poor performance of its functions, something that may become activated in light of the new findings, as soon as the activity resumes in February.

The case -beyond focusing on the assets of companies related to the Indalo Group- aims to uncover a modus operandi that would exist and that would be related to other lawsuits that were masked in labor lawsuits but that hid the true intention to disempower the defendants for other property.

For the Bottini prosecutor, all these irregularities were exposed in the processing of the causes that Venancio promoted and that Arbilla had to control. The lawyer even gave non-existent addresses to the courts regarding where other assets would be left in judicial custody and as reported by this newspaper, the operation was frustrated by not being able to find the addresses where an eye inspection was supposed to be carried out.

The progress of this file generated a shock in the Chubut justice and could open new chapters after the raid carried out in the middle of the judicial fair.

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