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Philip Kirkorov said that he was not henpecked, and opposed the Unicorn against the will of his daughter

Kirkorov at the very beginning of the “Mask” show on NTV said that from now on the choice would be based only on his personal preferences. “Since the last program, everyone has decided that I am the final henpecked of my daughter and all women with a name on“ A ”. Yes, my heart was torn to pieces then, but I realized that it was better for me not to return home if the Unicorn left. This was the first and last time, dear daughter. Everything! Your influence on me no longer works, may the Sun forgive me once more, ”said the chairman of the jury.

This time, the Unicorn came to support the landing of children of stars: Alla-Victoria, blogger Like Nastya, daughter of Christina Orbakaite Klava Zemtsova and others. And not in vain, because it was the fabulous creature that was revealed during the voting.

Since there were few participants in the show, the Unicorn first “lost” the battle to Tumbler, and then stayed with the White Eagle in the final (the audience saved Crocodile, and the jury saved Lama). As a result, when the votes remained equal, Timur Rodriguez had to decide the fate of the two singers: he made a difficult choice in favor of the Unicorn, which meant his exposure.

All members of the jury unanimously said that Irina Dubtsova was hiding under the mask, although they had doubts. Last month, the singer staged a big concert in Moscow as part of the anniversary, and no one could understand if she was a Unicorn, how it was possible to get from one end of the city to the other. They heard the answer firsthand.

“Remember, I was the last to perform? Yes, flashing lights are prohibited in Moscow, but we managed to dash quickly, because it was impossible not to come to you. And then I appeared at the after-party, an hour and a half later, as soon as the guests gathered, ”said Dubtsova, hiding under the mask of a Unicorn.

According to her, she was not in the least bit offended that it was opened, but she was even glad. And then she promised to continue to delight the stars with hits, because she wrote several songs for Kirkorov and Valeria.

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