Pfizer’s vaccine has too many demands that other vaccines haven’t had

“I promised the Argentines vaccination at the end of the year and I fulfilled it,” said the President in statements to “Morning Sylvestre” in Radio 10. In the same vein, he added: “I made a personal commitment to get vaccines for all Argentines.”

The Head of State celebrated the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, which began on Tuesday throughout the country. In this context, he questioned those who question the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine. “I don’t understand why they are so severe with the Russian vaccine, that they purposely call it that”, Held.

Fern├índez assured that during February there will be “the amount of doses needed to finish vaccinating 10 million Argentines.”

When asked about the possibility of acquiring the Chinese vaccine, the President affirmed that “progress” is being made in the negotiations. “We are asking for the studies that have been done to be able to send them to the ANMAT, which they also questioned, it is crazy,” he said.

“Governing in a pandemic is the closest thing to walking in a swamp” Fern├índez said, arguing that because “you never know what is going to happen.”

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