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Pfizer Covid Vaccine. Tomorrow more than 53 thousand doses arrive: Ssa

Mexico will receive this Monday, January 4, a new shipment with 53,625 doses of the anticovid vaccine from Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, which will arrive at the international airports of Mexico City and Saltillo, Coahuila, which will be distributed in nine different points of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) and in the National Cancer Institute, reported the Ministry of Health.

A total of 8,775 doses will be stored in Military Camp 6-A in Saltillo, Coahuila; and the rest in Mexico City: 3,900 will arrive at the 23 Battalion of the Chivatito National Guard; 5,850 to the 81st Infantry Battalion, from Tlalpan; 3,900 to the Military Hospital of the Military Camp Zone 1-A; 2 thousand 925 to the Military Hospital of El Vergel Zone, Iztapalapa.

The remaining doses, 2 thousand 925 to the Central Military Hospital; one thousand 925 to the Polígono de Tepetlapa; 925 to the 24th Marine Infantry Battalion and 22,425 to the National Cancer Institute, which has freezers and is guarding reserves.

Yesterday, through a video on social networks, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had announced that by January 5, 50,000 doses of Pfizer’s anticovid vaccine would arrive in Mexico.

The federal government’s agreement with Pfizer consists of delivering a total of 1 million 400 thousand 575 doses in February, therefore, the following deliveries will be made on January 11, 18 and 25 with 436,800 doses each shipment. It is expected to immunize 700 thousand 287 health workers in that period.

The Mexican government, which paid $ 20 for the Pfizer vaccine, acquired a total of 34 million 400 thousand to immunize 17 million 200 thousand peoples, among these, about one million health workers and 12 million adults, starting with those in their 80s, followed by those in their 70s and 60s, including patients with controlled chronic diseases.

Based on the Vaccination Scheme, in February the country will have 3,264,300 doses; in March 5 million 098 thousand 275 will be reached; in April 8 million; May 11 million 750 thousand; July 19 million 250 thousand; September 23 million; in October it will reach 28 million 700 thousand doses and in December 31 million 550 thousand. In total there are 34 million 400 thousand.

The National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, (ANUIES) lent 220 ultra-freezers so that all the doses received from February have a distribution in the 32 states and, with this, vaccinate the target sectors of the first and second stage of immunization with the biological one, with which, in 2021, Mexico will protect 15 percent of the population, very close to the 20 percent established by the Organization. World Health Organization to cover 20 percent of the inhabitants to reduce mortality by 80 percent.

This week Cofepris will say if it gives a ‘green light’ to CanSino vaccine

This week, the Committee of New Molecules of the Federal Commission for the Prevention against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) will announce its resolution on whether to grant the emergency use record to CanSino, whose phase 3 clinical studies in Mexico will take place until October. It is a single dose, which costs $ 18, and on which some international publications have tried to suggest that it has a protection of 65 percent, that is, six out of ten will be really protected.

But the health authority refused to comment and only reported that they will acquire up to 35 million doses – one per person – and if they obtain the emergency use record, CanSino would deliver one million from January, 2 million in February and 3 million in March with which will exceed that 20 percent of the target population over 18 years of age and not pregnant, to reduce mortality by 80 percent.

One of the most anticipated announcements is the authorization of emergency use of the vaccine developed by AztraZeneca and the University of Oxford

On December 30, 2020, The United Kingdom of Great Britain became the first country in the world to approve it for emergency use, and then followed by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) of Brazil, under the figure of authorization of “exceptional import” of two million doses of the vaccine against covid-19 produced by the Anglo-Swedish laboratory and the British university from Oxford.

In Latin America, the Slim Foundation of businessman Carlos Slim Helú and the governments of Argentina and Mexico are committed to distributing the vaccine throughout the region, except for Brazil.

Argentina will carry out the active component and Mexico will pack the biological. 250 million doses are committed for in Latin America and, of these, Mexico will acquire 55 million for a cost of 4 dollars for each dose. Two per person are required even though the research published by the same companies has not been clarified, which revealed that two doses would achieve 66 percent protection, that is, six out of ten would respond with antibodies to the SARS-CoV- disease. 2.

The Mexican authority is studying the file and It is expected that this week it will also rule on the granting of emergency use of the vaccine.


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