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Peruvians in Australia begin voting in the general elections of Peru

Sydney (Australia), Apr 11 (EFE) .- Peruvians residing in the city of Sydney, the most populous in Australia, began to vote this Sunday in the general elections in Peru, on a day that began with a little delay in the city of Sydney, but which then developed normally.

On the outskirts of the St Andrew’s Cathedral school in the city of Sydney, dozens of Peruvians gathered early to cast their vote, although some of them had to wait patiently for an hour for the 12 polling stations in this city to be completed. .

In an interview with Efe, the consul general of Peru in Sydney, Eliana Beraún, explained that the delay was due to the fact that “not all the members drawn showed up to fulfill the order of being table members,” adding that the problem was solved thanks to the fact that several volunteers volunteered to do this work.

According to official data from Peru, a total of 5,670 Peruvians residing in Australia are registered in the electoral rolls, of which 3,573 are in Sydney, 877 in the city of Melbourne, 697 in Brisbane, 390 in Perth and 132 in Canberra. the capital of Australia.

After the formation of the tables, the process developed normally in Sydney, where participation is expected to be 25 to 30 percent of the total, that is, about 900 to 1,000 voters, according to the consul.

On this day in Sydney, voters had to respect some of the preventive measures against covid-19 such as the registration of the QR code, although it was not necessary for them to use face masks inside the voting center.

“We feel privileged to be in this country that has been able to control the elections so well and that thanks to them we have been able to organize these elections,” said the Peruvian diplomat.

Due to the time difference, Peruvians in the cities of Wellington and Auckland, in New Zealand, were the first to vote in the 2021 general elections, in which the president, two vice presidents, 130 legislators and 5 representatives to Parliament will be elected. Andean.

The almost 860,000 voters abroad will have 2,970 polling stations in 206 polling stations, arranged in 196 cities in 75 countries around the world, although they cannot be held in Venezuela, because they did not receive the permits on time, nor in Chile, Paraguay and Aruba for the worsening conditions of the covid-19 pandemic in those countries.

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