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Perotti will lead in the Centennial the start of vaccination against Covid-19

The landing for distribution took place this Monday morning at the Eva Perón School Hospital in Granadero Baigorria and each one of the identified boxes were quickly delivered to both provincial and municipal public agencies. Andreani’s trucks left from Buenos Aires and in the same trucks, it was distributed in Santa Fe, so that the province did not divide the doses, and the cold chain was guaranteed.

Meanwhile, this Tuesday, the governor is expected to kick off the vaccination campaign that covers workers in critical health areas, and in line with the launch of a mega-operation throughout the country.

It is estimated that on Monday, January 4, another 12 thousand vaccines are expected in the Santa Fe territory with the idea of ​​continuing to receive more items for essential groups in a staggered manner and then expand it to the general population.

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