With the performance of Richard and the goal of Gio, America continues its flight high in the Guard1anes 2021

América experienced a difficult match against Necaxa, before whom they had to come from behind and with problems to obtain a 2-1 victory on the Azteca Stadium field.

With a result that puts Santiago Solari’s men among the best azulcrema teams with more local victories in short tournaments, in ESPN Digital We give you the reasons for the triumph.


The Mexican forward started after 10 games and his main mission was to fill the gap for Sebastián Córdova. The winger complied in a good way, since despite not having a brilliant game he was able to take advantage of his opportunities.

In the second half he raised his hand and with a header he beat goalkeeper Edgar Hernández. The goal led his squad to their seventh consecutive home win and he was back in goal after six and a half months.


The Paraguayan signed one night with a stellar performance, since he had 91 percent of successful passes, made two shots on goal and his free-kick score gave his team the tie in the electronic.


The hydrocalides sold the defeat dearly at the Azteca Stadium and the man who charged their squad for much of the engagement was Maxi Salas, who destroyed the defense of Jorge Sánchez and Sebastián Cáceres on the right side.

His performance led him to score the first touchdown at minute 40 and made his squad dream of a victory on the road.


Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa again had to appear to help his teammates, since on a couple of occasions his interventions prevented a defeat.

He lived the most important in the first half when he put his left leg after a shot from Salas and in the second half he had to manage his defense so that the rival stepped on his area.