We tell you what are the colors that come to blue-eyed girls.

Makeup is a powerful tool for women. Mixing the right cosmetics helps you enhance your beauty, look more beautiful and always perfect for the occasions that come your way on a daily basis.

A woman doesn’t need an excuse to put on makeup, she just changes the colors and intensity depending on the activity she will be attending. But it is very important that the woman knows her face, her weaknesses and areas to enhance, but also the colors that best suit her according to the color of her skin and her eyes.

If you are one of the women who has blue eyes and you still feel that you are not right at the selection of shadow colors that allow you to enhance your color and achieve a striking look, then it is time for you to concentrate on reading this note and discovering the Recommendations that we will capture in it so that in your next social event you stand out for the combination of shadows that will give your blue eyes a potential for impact.

It is important that you are clear that the combination of the same shadows does not suit brown, green, black and blue eyes, since the idea of ​​makeup is always to highlight the features and this may be noticed when you look in the mirror later to have a good time applying a beautiful makeup but when you look in the mirror you feel that a clip is missing, a true attraction that makes you look even more beautiful, then that is the hook that we want to show you through those lines.

Shadows for blue eyes according to the event you will attend

If you have an event it is important that you are clear about the type of makeup you want. If you are looking for a natural, elegant and flattering makeup, then choose to select shades of shadows similar to eye color. A good tactic to hit the selection is to look on a chromatic wheel for the color most similar to your eyes, use that tone and those on the sides to achieve that elegant and flattering finish.

If you want a makeup that highlights your eyes then the best option is to look for the opposite side of your color on the color wheel, as well as its range of tones.

Another tips that can help you is to use the color closest to your eyes as a base and the opposite ones to give it that touch of light that will help you highlight and intensify your look.

Other recommendations for the selection of shades

If you are interested in knowing the color that will help highlight your blue eyes then do not hesitate to continue reading these alternatives.

Earth colors

If you want to highlight your blue eyes, take advantage of the benefits of earth colors and use shadows in nude, brown, orange colors, contrast them well and you will highlight your blue eyes.

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Enter the color purple

The purple color will bring elegance to your look, you can use lilacs, violets and intense purples. It is a perfect color for evening events.

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Black color

Definitely the blue eyes painted with black through the smoked technique look beautiful, of course this will depend on the event in which you go. Black gives your eyes light and intense shine to your eyes. Now to avoid an aggressive look, choose to combine black with other soft colors such as brown, gray, gold and blue.

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Metallic shades

In this case, the best metallic colors to highlight your look would be copper, bronze and gold colors.

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And if we go to the color that you should not use by mistake, it is green, it will subtract light, depth to your look, it will not highlight it at all.

To give a more chic touch to your look with blue eyes, apply eyeliner. A fine line on the base of the lashes will suffice.

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