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Perfect haircuts to make a change of look without sacrificing the length of your hair

If you want a change of look, but you don’t want cutting your hair too short, This article is for you. We show you the best haircuts you can go for.

It is always good to refresh our image. However, lhe long hair is so beautiful and feminine that it is hard for us to get rid of it.

What’s more, achieving long hair is not easy And just when we have it, the least we want to do is sacrifice it. You don’t have to and at the same time you can change your look.

Haircuts that do not sacrifice the length of your mane

With fringe, one of the most fashionable haircuts

If you don’t want to touch the length of your hair at all, you can make a haircut with a fringe. Choose to trim a few millimeters of your hair from the back and in the front, use a chick that can be worn paraded, long or draped. The good thing about this cut is that, in addition, it is rejuvenating, it also takes years off you.

Medium mane

The half mane is one of the haircuts that are classic and right now it is taking a lot. If you want to transform your hair in a non-radical way, you can opt for this style below the clavicle and we suggest you comb the ends inwards.

Long layered

Layers are another solution to refresh your look and keep your length intact. It is a style that gives movement to your hair. We suggest combing the side parting and adding accessories for a more chic look.

Asymmetrical lob

If you want to take more risks with your hair, but without much noticeable change, you can opt for an asymmetrical cut that starts at the beginning of the neck and reaches below the shoulders. This type of cut causes a lengthening effect for both the face and the hair.

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