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Perfect cuts to give volume to fine hair

We all want to show off a well-groomed, shiny and abundant mane. Nevertheless, not all of us are lucky enough to have thick hair. But this has a solution. We show you the perfect cuts to give volume to fine hair.

With the arrival of hot temperatures, we all bet on changing our look and hair is key to this. If your strands are very thin you must bet on styles that cause a visual effect of abundance.

Check out the following cuts that will help you give volume to fine hair and are also at the height of fashion trends.

4 perfect cuts to give volume to fine hair

1.- Cut bowl to give volume to fine hair

It is one of the favorite cuts to give volume to fine hair. It is characterized by concentrating the abundance of hair on the sides of the face. It is one of the most original and practical looks for your hair.

2.- Mullet

If you have fine hair and you want a daring and comfortable cut at the same time, the Mullet is what you are looking for. It is a layered hair look that will allow you to play with the volumen, as well as with the texture, making you show off a completely different style.

3.- Shaggy XL

Another of the ideal cuts to give volume to fine hair is the shaggy XL. You do not have to sacrifice much the length of your hairInstead, you will wear it in layers that will make it look thicker and help you frame your face. As an added bonus, with this cut you can say goodbye to the dryer.

4.- I cut carré

This is the cut that all women want for fine hair. It consists of showing off the hair at the level of the jaw, made up of entire layers and a soft texture at the ends. It is a practical and timeless style, that is, it never goes out of style.

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