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“People fell into our arms, crying” – the firefighter mourns the house that disappeared in the floods

Fireman Torsten Hupperich (35) worked 16 days against the consequences of the flood disaster, ten hours a day and more. Until last Thursday in the center of his home town of Ahrbrück (Rhineland-Palatinate), exhausted, he closed his eyes for a few minutes.

His comrades from the volunteer fire brigade posted the photo of it on the Internet. A symbol for the heroic work of all helpers in the crisis area.

“We tackle wherever we can. But it is very stressful, “says Hupperich to BILD am Sonntag. “At first it looked like a war here, complete devastation. People fell into our arms, crying. Some of my comrades collapsed physically or mentally. I was at the emergency chaplain for the first time in my life. What we are all experiencing here will not let go of us anytime soon. “

The firefighter sits in front of the rinsed foundations of the M family of five, whose house was swallowed up by the flood (BILD am Sonntag reported). There is still no trace of parents Mike (44) and Svenja and their children Yannik (16), Antonio (6) and Isabel (5).

If you want to support the volunteer fire brigade, you can contact the Feuerwehr-Traditionsverein e. V. in Ahrbrück: Volksbank RheinAhrEifel, subject: Flood 2021, IBAN: DE69577615910572633701

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