Pence does not stand across, Trump supporters protest

VIn front of the American parliament in Washington, there was scuffle between supporters of the elected President Donald Trump and security guards. Television images showed a large crowd of people huddled on the steps just outside the Capitol entrance. According to the American television broadcaster CBS, several people even got into the building. American police then ordered the congressional offices to be vacated. America’s Vice President Mike Pence stormed out of the building, according to American reporter Sarah Stierch.

He had previously announced that he did not want to block the formal confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election by Congress. The Pence announced on Wednesday at the opening of the congress session, at which the election result is to be certified. The incumbent incumbent, Donald Trump, who lost in the election, had previously publicly asked his deputy to prevent the confirmation.

The constitution prevents him from “unilaterally” deciding “which votes should be counted and which should not,” said Pence. Shortly before, Trump had appealed to his deputy to prevent the election certification. “If Mike Pence does the right thing, we’ll win the election,” Trump said on Wednesday in front of thousands of supporters demonstrating in Washington. Pence has the “absolute right” not to confirm Biden’s election victory, he claimed. “Mike Pence will have to stand up for us, and if he doesn’t, it will be a sad day for our country.”

According to the Washington Post, members of right-wing groups were among the demonstrators who further incited the crowd. At least two buildings belonging to the parliament complex nearby had therefore been evacuated.

Trump had already claimed on Twitter the day before that the Vice President had the “power” to prevent a “fraudulently chosen elector”. In fact, the Vice President does not have the option of rejecting an election result.

Congressional election certification is usually a formality in the United States. However, several Republicans tabled an initiative on Wednesday to prevent Biden’s election victory from being recognized in the state of Arizona. The certification of the election results is likely to be delayed, but such initiatives have no prospect of success.

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