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Pelosi remains chairman: New US Congress sworn in

Pelosi Remains Chairperson: New US Congress sworn in |

Status: 04.01.2021 4:04 a.m.

In the USA the new congress has been sworn in. At the same time, the Democrat Pelosi was confirmed as President of the House of Representatives. The majority in the Senate will only be decided this week.

The new Congress was sworn in two and a half weeks before US President-elect Joe Biden took office. In the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi was again elected President of the Chamber, one of the most powerful offices in the United States.

At the constituent meeting of the Congress Chamber, with 216 votes, she just achieved the necessary majority for re-election for the influential top post. Their challenger, Republican Kevin McCarthy, got 209 votes.

For the past two years at the helm of the House of Representatives, Pelosi has been America’s most powerful woman politically and has often been President Donald Trump’s main opponent. In her new term of office, the 80-year-old should try to hold together the narrower democratic majority in order to support the political plans of President-elect Joe Biden.

The deputies were also sworn in in the second chamber, the Senate. There, however, the majority are unclear up to two runoff elections on Tuesday in the state of Georgia.

Runoff elections in Georgia crucial

Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20th. How great his political room for maneuver will also be decided in Georgia. In the southern state, two Republicans of the outgoing President Donald Trump are trying to defend their seats. If this succeeds in at least one case, the party will retain a majority in the chamber and could block Democratic laws.

However, if the Democrats win both seats, there will be a stalemate. Then Vice President-elect Kamala Harris can cast the decisive vote. The Democrats would then control the entire Congress for the next two-year term.

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