Pedestrian, this is how you should walk around the city (DGT version)

Pedestrian, this is how you should walk around the city (DGT version)

In the center of the sidewalk, facing traffic … This is how pedestrians should walk on the sidewalk and this is how the DGT explains it.

Pedestrian. According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), a pedestrian is any “person who walks on a public road.” The General Directorate of Traffic broadens this definition and also considers pedestrians “those who push any other small-sized non-motorized vehicle or people with reduced mobility who circulate with a wheelchair (with or without a motor) ”.

The rules of the road that a pedestrian must follow

The basic traffic rules that a pedestrian must comply with are the following:

  • Circulate through places reserved for them and not do it for the prohibited ones (for example, highways and highways)
  • In cityIf possible, they should use the center of the sidewalks, moving away both from the curb (so as not to be run over by a vehicle), and from the buildings (due to whether there were garage entrances or exits)
  • If a street did not have sidewalk or there is an obstacle, the pedestrian must circulate as close as possible to the wall and, if possible, facing traffic
  • Special attention to children, that they should always go hand in hand with adults and play in safe spaces away from the road
  • Pedestrians cannot carry stray animals. Otherwise, they could create dangerous situations for other road users
  • They are only authorized to invade the road to cross it

The DGT reminds pedestrians how to circulate in and out of the city

Traffic has used Twitter as a channel to remind all pedestrians of the basic rules that will ensure their safety:

The Tweet It only mentions the basic rules to respect when walking through urban areas, but the DGT also has a series of recommendations for pedestrians out of town:

  • You will only travel on roads where there is no express prohibition
  • In general, this type of road has to circulate to the left to face approaching vehicles
  • And if it exists, will walk down the shoulder. Otherwise, the part of the road closest to the edge will be used. In any case, if there are several people circulating, they will have to go one after the other (in row india)
  • As in the city, the roads must be crossed in safe places and with extreme caution. Sections with visibility should be chosen and curves and gradients should be avoided
  • Wear garments like Reflective vests will help to be more visible to drivers
  • Both in the city and on the road, it is essential to forget about the mobile phone and listening to music or the radio with headphones, since their use isolates from traffic and increases vulnerability

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