If we talk about elegance, there is no greater symbol than pearls, because they are not only beautiful, they also enhance your class and give you femininity.

From Princess Diana to Carolina Herrera they have included these precious stones in their looks, giving lessons in elegance and style.

The best thing is that there are many ways to wear pearls in your outfit, and not just in necklaces or bracelets, and here we tell you how.

How to wear pearl looks to look elegant

Sweater with pearls

You can wear the pearls in a sweater for an elegant, romantic and delicate look, and the best thing is that they match any color of the sweater.

Whatever you decide to combine this sweater with, be it a skirt, pants, and any footwear such as heels, or tennis shoes, you will look fabulous and classy.

Jeans with pearls

Jeans are casual, but nothing better to give it a sophisticated and delicate touch than adding these stones everywhere.

Combine the jean with a shirt, or sweater, so that you look completely elegant, and you can complement it with heels, sneakers, or ankle boots.

Denim jacket with pearls

You can give a glamorous and elegant touch to your denim jacket by placing these stones in any way you want, either throughout the shirt, or in lines.

This jacket will be the perfect complement to any look, be it a dress, pants, jumpsuit or skirts, however it will enhance your class and style like never before.

Cape with pearls

You can also wear a cape with these beautiful stones and you will look very elegant and sophisticated with the garments that complement it.

It can be with leggings, pants or skirt, and ankle boots, you will look incredible and you will dazzle wherever you go.

Pearl Necklace

Of course, you can not miss a pearl necklace in your outfit, you can wear a completely informal look and by adding these stones you will transform it into a sophisticated one.

Whether short, like Princess Diana wore it, or long, it will look amazing and will be the perfect complement.

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