Payment of taxes in CDMX: see the discounts available

In a virtual press conference, the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of the Mexico City (CDMX) presented the discounts that already apply to the payment of taxes for this 2021.

Discounts on the property payment in CDMX

According to the capital authorities, in the case of the property there will be a discount for the advance payment:

  • 10% if done in this month of January
  • 6% if done in February

In addition to this discount offered to citizens in general, vulnerable groups such as the elderly, single mothers, widows and orphans retired, retired or pensioners due to work risks and disability will have other discounts in the payment of this tax in the CDMX.

  • Fixed fee of 52 pesos in properties less than 2 million 212 thousand 737 pesos
  • 30% discount on properties over 2.2 million pesos

Luz Elena González, Secretary of Administration and Finance of the CDMX, noted that the payment of this tax can be made through the program of months without interest.

“Currently more than 8,600 payment centers are active, including banks, supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies. We make a special call to be able to make use of the technology and mobile applications that we have to carry out the payment of taxes in the CDMX”.

Luz Elena González, Secretary of Administration and Finance of the CDMX

In addition to the points in person, payment can be made online through the telephone application CDMX Treasury, or the website of the Ministry of Administration and Finance.

Discounts on the payment of water in CDMX

The authorities of the CDMX added that the aforementioned vulnerable groups will also have access to a 50% discount on water payment.

Finally, Luz Elena González recalled that in the case of the tenure, will apply a 100% discount in the payment of the endorsement until March 31 for vehicles whose value does not exceed 250 thousand pesos.

It will be valid for non-profit individuals and corporations, without prior debts and who have a valid circulation card with a chip or the payment corresponding to the renewal.

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