Natalya Sergeevna has a great relationship with everyone, the chosen one of the star brother: both Svetlana and Paulina. At the same time, she does not hide the fact that she used to think Fedor’s first marriage was harmonious and did not think that someday it would come to a divorce.

“In recent years, everything has been difficult for them. Sveta did not understand its complex nervous organization. Loved, but did not understand. And Paulina, apparently, is a born psychologist. Her brother has become as good as new, ”70-year-old Natalya Sergeevna shared her personal opinion.

Fortunately, Fedor and Svetlana managed to disperse peacefully, maintaining a warm relationship. Moreover, the ex-elect of the director found personal happiness and in August last year she married designer Sergei Kharchenko.

As for Paulina, her wedding with the filmmaker took place a year and a half ago. And in early March, the happy couple told the public about the birth of their long-awaited son Ivan, who became the third child for Bondarchuk. Natalya Sergeevna has not yet seen her younger nephew, but she hopes that she will soon be able to take him in her arms.

“Because of the pandemic, we rarely meet. And she herself was ill. And on trips often. Of course, she congratulated him on the birth of an heir. I hope that I will soon hold the baby in my arms. I also have a son, Ivan. I wish that they still gave birth to their daughter Marya. And they will have two children in common, like me and Kolya Burlyaev, “she said in an interview with EG.

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