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Patricia Bullrich insists on fake news | Attacked …

The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, once again mounted a fake news to agitate criticism against the national government in national networks. This time he did so by criticizing the announced measure of the “night sanitary closure”, agreed by President Alberto Fernández with all the governors, accompanying the post with a photo of the first lady Fabiola Yañez, which was from January 2020.

“The curfew must be approved in Congress; it is not the power of a monarch. Meanwhile, the First Lady visits a hospital without respecting the protocol,” the former Security Minister posted on her networks. But Yañez’s photo was from Three Kings Day last year, when he visited the children admitted to the Pedro Elizalde Hospital.

The president of the PRO deleted her tweet shortly after and republished the same message with slight modifications to continue attacking the health measures that try to stop the contagion of Covid-19, as it did since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Who pays for the failure of the government’s health policy? Millions of Argentines who cannot work. Another blow to the workers!” Insisted the former Alianza official, despite the fact that the curfew will not affect those who perform essential jobs.

Bullrich had already incurred another fake news to try to delegitimize the measures of the national government. In September, after the president asked Argentines to increase savings in pesos to face the run on the dollar, the head of the PRO accused the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, of having savings in dollars.

The head of the Cabinet himself responded through social networks and explained that the sworn statement that the former Security Minister had published to denounce him was 8 months old. “The affidavit is from January 2020 and is expressed in pesos. I sold those dollars for homebanking, at official prices, as appropriate,” explained Cafiero and lamented: “Bullrich is dishonest up to 280 characters.”

Nor is it the first time that the holder of the PRO has been forced to delete a tweet for spreading fake news or having some lapses. In October 2019, during a campaign tour just before the presidential elections, Bullrich tweeted a message that began by saying: “No one did more for drug trafficking than Mauricio Macri.”

A few days ago, the one who resorted to the use of fake news to criticize the ruling coalition was the former adviser of Bullrich in the Ministry of Security, Florencia Arietto, who denounced a resolution that prevented the teachers of the Faculty of Law of the UBA failing the students and blaming Kirchnerism. He got a barrage of criticism reminding him that this school is historically a bastion of radicalism.

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