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Patricia Bullrich asked to think three times before using the Security forces to dissipate crowds

“You have to wait for what happens these days and in the meantime do more tests. But you have to think three times if you have to restrict movements with the Security forces “, Held.

President Alberto Fernandez had declared in dialogue with Radio 10 that analyzes the possibility of instructing the security forces to dissipate crowds

“If we see that the situation does not ease up and the relaxation continues, we will see how the security forces begin to act in the street to dispel people and prevent crowds”, he assured.

Bullrich criticized the measures that were taken in Argentina, because “They were so long that they generated social exhaustion”.

On the other hand, he said that “I don’t think it’s good that there are measures that affect the economic situation. Today you cannot say: I close the Coast. You have to go to a situation of social distancing “.

For the former official, “Maradona, the marches, the football celebrations took the lives of a lot of people.” “Maradona’s wake deserved an open stadium and not the Government House,” he concluded.

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