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Passport: SRE announces its cost for 2021

The SRE made the adjustment in the cost of the Passport available to citizens. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

If one of your purposes of New Year is, perhaps, traveling outside the country, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) made available to citizens the adjustment in the cost of passport, which is already applicable from this Friday, January 1st.

The CEO of SRE delegations, Carlos Candelaria, shared through Twitter the new costs of Passport, according to the validity:

Validity of 1 year

  • Full payment: 645 pesos
  • 50% discount benefit: 325 pesos

Validity of 3 years

  • Full payment: thousand 345 pesos
  • 50% discount benefit: 670 pesos

Validity of 6 years

  • Full payment: thousand 845 pesos
  • 50% discount benefit: 925 pesos

10 year validity

  • Full payment: 2 thousand 840 pesos
  • 50% discount benefit: thousand 420 pesos

Do you want to access the benefit of a 50% discount on your passport? See conditions

It is worth mentioning that the passport with valid for one year is only issued for under 3 years. The benefit of 50% discount is exclusive for people of 60 years or more, people with disability, and agricultural workers (with Canada). While the valid passport of 10 years it does not apply to the latter.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) recommends to mexicans interested in processing the passport to make the payment of this exclusively in Bank branches, but not in convenience stores or any other similar.

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