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Passenger believes he is suffering a heart attack in mid-flight; they were symptoms of Covid-19

MÉRIDA.— The airport authorities activated the Covid-19 protocols at the Mérida Airport after reporting a passenger with symptoms of this disease, on a flight from Mexico City.

According to information obtained, it was a man identified as Raúl Roberto HA, 79 years old, that he was on board a flight that left the CDMX and had like destination the Yucatecan capital, where he arrived minutes before 8 in the morning.

Unofficially, it became known that the man began to have respiratory distress during the flight, so at first it was thought that it was a heart attack.

A doctor who was on that flight treated the passenger while they were in the air. The oxygen saturation was very low, so asked the crew to request an ambulance.

The air terminal did the same with the SSP and before the plane landed the emergency units they were already on the track waiting.

The doctor who treated the man explained that It was not a heart attack, but symptoms of Covid-19, so the air terminal activated the corresponding protocol and the passenger was transferred, encapsulated, to a private clinic in Mérida aboard the SSP ambulance.- Gabriel Chan Uicab.

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