Party of ‘three days’ in Córdoba: “We were 100 friends and things got out of hand,” said one of the organizers

One of the organizers of the clandestine party that lasted three days in the Cordovan town of Cuesta Blanca, defended the event and assured that the health protocols were not followed “because nobody respects them.”

In dialogue with El Doce, Ema, organizer of the event, denied that the party lasted three days, as pointed out by neighbors of the sector and the owner of the field where it was held.

According to his account, the event began on Friday, January 1 and ended on Saturday morning, when they prepared to clean the Beach of the Hippies, as the place is known.

In turn, he revealed that they wore bracelets to distinguish themselves, because residents of Cuesta Blanca told them to be careful with thefts.

“The idea was never to have a clandestine party but to get together the whole group of friends, that we are almost 100 people, in the open air and make a camp and play music,” he said.

“We were 15 on Friday and when we were there we began to warn them to bring a tent, food and well, things got out of hand and people ended up arriving with nothing to see. But our plan was never to bring 100 people,” he contradicted himself.

Regarding the lack of compliance with the protocol, he maintained that it is “ridiculous” that they were asked to comply with hygiene measures when there were already “15 people camping, sharing a glass and without distancing.”

“We do not respect him because no one respects him. Since you get off the bus, no one has a chinstrap or respects the distance. Not a single chinstrap since you get into the canoe. So there is COE for some and not for others,” he closed.

According to the owner of the land where the clandestine party took place, the event lasted from Friday to Sunday and was deactivated thanks to the intervention of the Police, after much insistence that troops attend the place.


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