Parties politicize the issue of vaccines against covid

While the national leadership of Morena and some of its legislators presumed that, thanks to the government of the Fourth transformation, Mexico already has the second and third shipments of vaccines against Covid-19 and these will be applied for free, opposition politicians accused the Federation and the party in power of using the doses as government propaganda on the eve of next year’s electoral campaign.

In this sense, in the Twitter official of Brunette A video is projected in which it is announced that they will donate half of their 2021 budget, approximately one billion pesos, to support the management of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the purchase of vaccines and thus guarantee the right to health of the Mexicans.

The day before, Morena tweeted on his official account of that social network: “The second and third shipments of vaccines against # COVID19 arrived in time and form at CDMX and Monterrey. Thanks to the government of # 4T, the National Vaccination Plan is already underway and everyone will have access to health [sic]”.

On this, opposition politicians accused the federal government of monopolizing the doses and demanded that it allow states, municipalities and any citizen to acquire doses against the pandemic, as will happen in U.S.

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In addition, the governors of the Federalist Alliance They asked society not to divert attention with the arrival of small shipments of doses, and better to pay attention to the number of immunized Mexicans so that the scope of the government’s universal and free vaccination campaign can be measured.

“From the #AlianzaFederalista we call on Mexicans not to divert attention to the arrivals of small shipments of the anti-Covid vaccine, and we focus our attention on the number of Mexicans vaccinated, only in this way can we measure the scope of the ‘#VacunaUniversalyGratuita’ , the leaders posted.

Former President Vicente Fox Quesada said that it is necessary that, in the exercise of freedom, state and municipal governments, as well as individuals, can buy vaccines on their own. “It is necessary that, in [el] exercise of our FREEDOM, the State, Municipal and private Governments can buy vaccines. It is a right !!! [sic]”He posted on Twitter.

In addition, he sent a message to the Alliance members and told them that, in the exercise of their sovereignty, they demand that the federal government be able to buy vaccines directly, since the right to health is universal, humane and sovereign.

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They ask not to condition

In this context, PAN national leader, Marko Cortés, demanded that the 4T stop political, centralist and electoral management of the vaccine, and apply a professional one, with scientific criteria, so that it reaches the entire population, through the national vaccination system, which includes state systems health, without conditions or limitations. In addition to being unacceptable, he added, that it is the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, who assumes functions of the Ministry of Health (Ssa).

“We ask the Moreno government to be transparent about the distribution of vaccines among the most vulnerable population in the states. We still have time to avoid more pain and more deaths. Our governments are prepared and have the financial resources to buy and administer vaccines in their states. The more collaboration there is, the sooner we will get out of the health crisis ”, insisted the PAN.

Cortés Mendoza recalled that there is no legal impediment for the state governments to buy and apply vaccines, since they are also a health authority, so the blockade that is made for the acquisition of the federative entities is petty and criminal.

The PAN denounced that “the vaccination process of the Moreno government is slow, inefficient, clearly political and lends itself to manipulation.”

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The spokesman for the PRI members in the Chamber of Deputies, Héctor Yunes Landa, said that the vaccination against Covid-19 must guarantee universal access and the monopoly that the federal government has made will cause exactly the opposite: “That it only applies to those who the government decides, using political criteria; however, until now the government has shown great ineffectiveness in managing the pandemic and in the little we have of vaccination ”.

The PRI from Veracruz recalled that in the first “shipment” they received only 3,000 doses in a first batch and not even those could be applied effectively to health personnel. Many of them, he said, did not receive the vaccine despite having been summoned and, instead, there were other officials who did receive it and exemplified that in one of the largest hospitals in the country, such as La Raza del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), only 22 vaccines have been applied.

He added that he does not imagine that millions of people who are in a position to pay for a vaccine that could cost 400 pesos will have to wait months for the government to decide what is their turn due to a question of age or health. “In the United States, for example, large commercial chains such as Walmart, CVS and Walgreens are already preparing for the massive distribution of the vaccine.

“It is a model of the right to health that will allow millions of people to access the vaccine easily and safely, while in our country we have not been able to correctly apply just 3,000 doses.

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“The President of the Republic is afraid that the private initiative will be more efficient in the distribution and application of the vaccine,” said the PRI.

“Miserable y ruin ”

Ángel Ávila, representative of the PRD before the INE, described the president of Morena, Mario Delgado, as “miserable and mean”, having uploaded a spot on his social network about vaccines against Covid-19, in which he presumes that the The government of the 4T will apply them universally and that his party will put half of its budget for the purchase of biological.

“We are going to file a complaint with the INE about the spot that Mario Delgado took on his account, in the sense of using the issue of the vaccine as an electoral issue; that is something miserable and mean ”. The acquisition, distribution and application of the vaccine “is an exercise of the government, not of the political parties,” Ávila said.

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The coordinator of the PRD in the Chamber of Deputies, Verónica Juárez, called on López Obrdaor and the Ssa to stop monopolizing the distribution and application of vaccines, because this is making it difficult to access them, generating inequity and violating the right of the entire population to health.

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