We already know that celebrities like to spend their money on extravagant or unnecessary things, but without a doubt the one who takes the trophy is the singer and socialite Paris Hilton, since recently bought from his Chihuahua dog, Diamond Baby, a mini bag from the french brand Hermes.

The mini bag Herm├Ęs Micro Kelly Charm, distributed by the luxury store Private Porter, it cost nothing more and nothing less than 5 thousand 500 dollars approximately, that is, 113 thousand pesos Mexicans.

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The millionaire businesswoman shared her new acquisition both on her Instagram stories and on the official profile of her dogs @hiltonpets.

“Loving your Hermes Birkin,” he wrote.

And just like Hilton consented to his Chihuahua dog, also took the opportunity to pamper herself by buying a bag in the normal size of the model North Togo Birkin Blue from 24 thousand 500 dollars, that is, of more than 500 thousand pesos.

If this seems too much for you, stop Paris Hilton It is not, because it is known that he loves his dogs madly and always pampers them with very, very extravagant things.

A clear example of this is the luxury mansion that he had built for them and the Louis Vuitton suits with which he always wears them.

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