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Parents with school-age children must return to work

It is not yet known whether virtual classes will continue in the 2021 school year
It is not yet known whether virtual classes will continue in the 2021 school year

The government suspended licenses that allowed one parent to stay away from work to stay home and care for their child. The interruption of the benefit applies from the first business day of January (today, January 4) until the end of the summer holidays in each province.

This was reported by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. In a resolution that Minister Claudio Moroni signed on December 24, the license that had been in force since mid-March, when face-to-face classes were suspended throughout the country, is established.

“Provide that as of January 1, 2021 and for the period during which the summer school recess is extended in each jurisdiction, the provisions of Article 3 of Resolution No. 207/20 shall not apply”, points out the new rule.

Article 3 of the resolution provided that, while the suspension of classes in schools lasted, the absence from the workplace of one of the parents would be considered justified. The parent had to notify the employer and justify the need to stay at home. In this way, the distance work modality was also promoted.

The Minister of Labor Claudio Moroni (Gastón Taylor)
The Minister of Labor Claudio Moroni (Gastón Taylor)

In the recitals of the regulation it is established “that before the imminent beginning of the summer school break in the different jurisdictions, it is necessary to set the temperament to adopt during said period.”

In most of the country, the holidays will run until February 28. Monday, March 1, will be the start of the school year, which is still unknown what level of attendance will have in schools. With the latent possibility of continuing with distance classes, the licenses for parents would come into effect again.


The City of Buenos Aires will distance itself from the rest of the country and will resume the school year on Wednesday, February 17, with the idea of ​​compensating for the content lost during the pandemic. A few days later, on Monday 22, will be the kick in Jujuy. In 19 districts, classes will begin in the first week of March, in La Rioja and La Pampa they will begin in the second, while in Santa Fe only in the third.

During 2020, parental licenses had to be held until December. With the exception of some small educational opening in provinces such as Catamarca, Formosa and San Juan, very few boys were able to have face-to-face classes again. The year ended with just 1% of the national enrollment in classrooms.

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