Communications lost two valuable points on the last day of the Guatemala National League, al draw goalless against Antigua, which is currently bottom (as opposed to creams, which are at the top although with little margin of difference compared to Guastatoya). In that meeting, he drew attention see Fredy Pérez in the goal, instead of Kevin Moscoso.

In this regard, the coach Mauricio Tapia He had mentioned that he decided to place him on the substitute bench because He had been affected by the Guatemalan National Team for the Concacaf Playoffs, so he preferred to give him rest and put in his place someone with (as claimed) more filming.

This justification (and the decision in particular to put Moscoso in the bank) caused the anger of Juan José Paredes, a former Los Albos goalkeeper who took to social networks to express his discomfort. “In other words, is ownership lost for being in Selection? Pfff please“, he opined first.

We have been with Fredy for more than 5 years and tell me that we have won. Mr. Tapia and Mr. Archers preparer, enough of injustices. They just want to invent a “rotation” of archers!“, completed with notable annoyance who now serves as mayor of San Francisco.

This was not the only thing that the ex-footballer exposed, since he also he continued to develop his thinking in the different responses that he wrote to those users who commented on his post on Twitter.

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