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Paraguay – German farmer (75) kidnapped and shot

San Estanislao (Paraguay) – First a German farmer (74) was kidnapped under nebulous circumstances, and later found shot with two of his employees.

A mysterious criminal case has been preoccupying the investigative authorities in the Paraguayan town of San Estanislao since Monday. It is another gruesome murder in the Latin American country!

According to police reports, a farmer from the Christian Mennonite religious community (an evangelical free church that goes back to the Anabaptist movements of the Reformation in Friesland) and two workers were killed near the city of San Estanislao (San Pedro district). First the newspaper “ABC Color” reported about it. Another worker escaped the hostage-takers.

As the newspaper “Rusumen de Noticias” reports, the person killed was the German citizen Helmut E. (74). Agents from the National Police’s anti-kidnapping department are now investigating the background to the crime.

As the German-language online medium “Wochenblatt” reports, the 74-year-old’s wife, Elena J., reported her husband as missing and turned on the police.

Mysterious: Helmut E. was the victim of an attack in the “Colonia Friesland” on July 31 of this year. Criminals set his car on fire back then. Local media speculate that the murder of the farmer is said to be the same perpetrator.

13,000 Mennonites of German origin still live and work in the hinterland of Paraguay, for example in the “Colonia Friesland”. The Protestants expelled from Europe, who are also accused of sect-like life, settled there more than 75 years ago and built up a dairy farm that is one of the most modern in the region, according to the Federal Center for Political Education.

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