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Pancho Rodríguez’s apologies for attending Yahaira’s party

The sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia is in the eye of the storm, having organized a ‘COVID-19 party’ in full increase of the second wave of infections product of the pandemic.

In the wake of your birthday, the ex-girlfriend of soccer player Jefferson Farfán made a social gathering in a house in Cieneguilla with friends and family, in full curfew and was intervened by the National Police of Peru.

In that questionable celebration he was Francisco ‘Pancho’ Rodríguez, participant of competition reality shows. After what happened did not hesitate to apologize, through a statement, spread on his Instagram account.

“Through this, I am writing to you to express my feelings regarding the unfortunate incident, which happened last Friday, April 23 at around 11 PM, when attending a birthday meeting located in the different area of ​​Cieneguilla ”, the note begins.

“Given the images shown in different media, I must point out that I deeply regret my behavior by failing to comply with what is imposed by the government before the absolute prohibition of events and private or public meetings ”, he adds.

At the time of the intervention, ‘Pancho’ took refuge in the hygienic services of the home. “I must point out that, at the time of the police intervention, I was a prisoner of uncertainty and fear, since I was never in a similar situation, I acted on instinct and tried to hide what shouldn’t have happened. I was transferred to the police station where they took my statement, I assumed my fault, signed the arrest record and then I went to my home, “he says.

By way of self-criticism, finally, he says the following: “I have reflected and I am aware that I committed a very serious offense and there is no justification. In the six years that I live and work in Peru, I have never starred in any act of indiscipline as a citizen, I relaxed, made a bad decision and every action has a consequence. Finally, I want to sincerely apologize for what happened to public opinion, to the company where I work PRO TV and to all the people who follow me. I was wrong and now it’s time to assume the consequences of my actions ”.

Plasencia apologizes for his behavior

In a lengthy statement, Yahaira Plasencia apologized for forgiveness for his misconduct and acknowledged that there is nothing to justify his behavior. In the same sense, he apologized to the National Police of Peru because “they would not have to expose themselves in such absurd and totally avoidable situations, and they should only focus their efforts on problems that really afflict us.”

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