Panama, Mar 30 (EFE) .- The authorities of Panama, a country that accumulates 354,604 cases and 6,109 deaths from covid-19, reported this Tuesday that nine cases of the Brazilian variant of the SARS-CoV coronavirus have already been detected in the country -2, and asked the population to take extreme biosecurity measures to prevent contagion.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) also called on pregnant women who have a medical authorization to be immunized to register on the website set up for national vaccination, which began for priority groups on January 20.

“Thanks to the genomic surveillance carried out by the Gorgas Memorial Institute and the epidemiological surveillance carried out by the health system, nine people have been detected who have tested positive for the new Brazilian variant,” said the Minister of Health of Panama at a press conference. , Luis Francisco Sucre.

The head of the Minsa announced last Saturday that the first case of the Brazilian variant had been detected, considered more contagious and that causes a severe disease.

This led the authorities to demand negative tests of covid-19 and mandatory quarantine of at least 5 days for all travelers arriving in Panama from South America, measures that will be applied from the early hours of this Wednesday.

“The appearance of this Brazilian variant, as well as the South African one that was detected a few weeks ago, forces us to reinforce self-care. We ask you to maintain the current regulations,” added the minister on Tuesday, and recommended not to travel to that area of ​​the continent.

Sucre also announced that as of next Monday the night curfew will begin later, at 11 at night, and will extend until 4 in the morning, as well as the hours to access beaches, rivers and spas will be six from morning to six in the afternoon.

The curfew is the only mobility restriction in force at the national level in the country, which has registered in recent weeks a decrease in cases, deaths and daily positivity of covid-19 after the almost total quarantine that was applied in the first two weeks of January to curb a strong rebound in the pandemic.

The authorities reiterated that at dawn this Wednesday a new batch of 36,270 Pfizer vaccines against covid-19 will arrive in the country, at the moment the only supplier in the country and that it has already delivered more than 450,000 doses, of which 364,079 have been applied. , according to official data.

For the first time, the Ministry called pregnant women to be vaccinated, and the Minister of Health, Eyra Ruiz, said that “they must register” on the vaccination website “and when they arrive at the vaccination center, present a medical certification that authorizes” immunization.

The authorities reported 519 new cases and 6 deaths from covid-19 on Tuesday, bringing infections to 354,604 and 6,109 deaths in more than a year of the pandemic, while the recovered patients total 343,501.

The hospitalized number 585, of them 496 are in ward and 89 in intensive care units (ICU) while in home isolation there are 4,199 people and another 210 in hospital hotels.

In the last 24 hours, 10,218 tests were applied, which yielded a positivity of 5%.

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