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PAMI reported how the Covid-19 vaccination of older adults will be | Chronicle

The executive director of Pami, Luana Volnovich, stressed that the coronavirus vaccination scheme expected to start at next weeks will have “a particular logistics “, different from the one used in the campaign for influenza A, and recommended that affiliates do the program’s health self-assessment “Check yourself at home“, that already “saved four lives.”

“The national government, the provincial governments, and of course Pami, we are preparing for the most important vaccination campaign in Argentine history. From Pami we are working hard because the affiliates constitute a population at risk,” said Volnovich.

The official emphasized “the relevance of the vaccination plan because it will have a particular organizational logistics, different from that known to older people when they regularly get vaccinated against the flu” though, “In all cases, participation will depend on the reality of each district.”

“In the province of Buenos Aires, the Pami will vaccinate in long-stay residences and we also plan to use the health units that we inaugurated on Buenos Aires soil during the pandemic, such as the Ituzaingó and Esteban Echeverría Bicentennial Hospitals”, said.

In the City of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, it is likely that the vaccination sessions will also take place in the agency’s agencies“he added.

Also, the official said that “the vaccination campaign is still a few weeks away”, for which he called on the affiliated persons to carry out the program’s health self-evaluation ” Check yourself at home “, which Pami carries out in conjunction with the Favaloro Foundation.

The owner of the social work explained that, as a result of the pandemic, older people drastically decreased their visits to medical offices:

“With this program we seek that affiliates and affiliates can perform an online test, which allows us to prepare the state of the health situation of the largest population at risk”, Indian.

So far, some 20,000 affiliated people have completed the questionnaire found on the website, which has already made it possible to implement the hospitalization of patients who had to be admitted quickly to a hospital.

This national program began to be implemented in AMBA, to later be extended to the entire country.

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