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Pablo Punyed offered to pay the sanction to the Águila players

This weekend the sad situation occurred that heThe Aguila players decided not to show up to play against Santa Tecla. The reason was that the players complained to the club: hydration for practices and matches, adequate courts for training, a kinesiologist, adequate means of transportation for matches, and travel expenses. For the decision they made, they were all fined and Pablo Punyed decided to defend them.

The Icelandic Víkingur Reykjavík footballer backed his colleagues’ claim and asked to take over the $ 25 fine that was established for all soccer players: “Someone to connect me with the Águila players to help them with the fine they received. There must be an improvement in conditions for EVERYONE.”

Before the Salvadoran legionary finishes taking over, Águila came out to say that they will take care of the sanction. The club apologized to the players, confirmed that they will take care of the fine money and they reached an agreement with the players to fulfill the request that they have been making.

“They gave us travel allowances for the next 15 days, they said they would give us adequate hydration for games and training sessions and the kinesiologist. Hence, the transport is the same, on the field they say they are getting permits to go to some improvements”, said one of those affected.

Great gesture that of Pablo Punyed with his colleagues. A footballer who is thousands of kilometers from El Salvador, who never played for a Cuscatleco club, but who proved to be aware of what happens in his country. His offer ended up forcing the Eagle to respond to the collective repudiation.

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