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Owner finds corpse – pit bulls bite burglars to death

In the US state of Georgia, two pit bulls bitten a burglar to death. Local media report that. Accordingly, the police have evidence that Alex Binyam Abraha († 21) had previously broken into the house in front of which his body was found.

Apparently the American had taken advantage of the owner’s absence and got into the house. The two pit bulls were there. Her owner found the 21-year-old’s body on his porch on Friday morning. He immediately called the police.

The officers arrived with forensic doctors. An autopsy confirmed a dog attack as the cause of death.

The dog owner told the police that he did not know the victim and had no explanation for what the man was looking for in his house. The testimony and traces at the scene suggest a break-in by Alex Binyam Abraha.

The homeowner does not have to fear any legal consequences. The two pit bulls were taken away by the police. It is not yet known how the animals will continue. Sheriff Toby Nix told a local news channel: “The dogs have been given to an animal shelter, nothing has been decided yet.”

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Alex Binyam Abraha was not a blank slate for the police. Several arrest warrants were issued against the petty criminal. In the meantime, a higher-level authority is also investigating at federal level.

It is unclear how the victim got to the house at all. Walt Sanders Road is in the middle of nowhere, no burglar’s car has been found near the crime scene.

Pit bulls are among the so-called fighting dogs and are under special observation in many countries. Again and again there are serious attacks by the race. Just recently six animals mauled a woman in Brazil.

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