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Own apartment – Greta moved out! Now her dogs are taking care of her

Stockholm – At the beginning of the year, climate fighter Greta Thunberg came of age – shortly before the end of the year, she moved out of her home.

As the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” reports, she now lives in a Stockholm rental apartment. Instead of her parents, her two dogs Moses (a golden retriever) and Roxy (a black Labrador) now take care of the student.

Two companions who have been loyal companions for the girl since they have been part of the family. Her mother Malena Ernmann (51) once said about the relationship between the four-legged friends and her daughter: “You were there when she was feeling particularly bad. They give her security. ”Greta suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism.

Moses and Roxy are now helping her to get used to the new situation in life. Greta, who graced the cover of fashion magazine Vogue in August, about life in her first apartment of her own: “Fortunately, you can live unnoticed in Stockholm, even if you are a celebrity. I try to be effective and do all of my homework at school so that I can do other things at home. ”

After a year break from school, Greta returned to the classroom in 2020 and is now attending the second grade of the “Global Gymnasium” in Stockholm’s Södermalm district – a school made for Greta: courses in sustainability and climate policy are offered there, among other things.

According to the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”, her parents and little sister come to visit as often as possible. However, Mama Malena and sister Beata do not have as much time as they used to: Both play at the Göta-Leijon-Theater and are currently on stage in the musical “Forever Piaf” – they take on the role of Edith Piaf in different phases of their lives.

Greta is probably traveling to Glasgow for the climate conference

For Greta, a few weeks after her move, the next important climate trip may soon be pending: She will probably take part in the UN climate conference in Glasgow (October 31st-12th November), she said – but she does not expect any significant progress .

The “Fridays for Future” activist before the important climate meeting: “My expectation is that we will hear many, many beautiful speeches and many promises. But these will – if you examine them carefully – be more or less meaningless and only held so that the media have something to report. The conference will only lead to something if there is great, massive pressure from outside. “

The conference in Glasgow is of particular importance as the world community pledged to tighten its goals in accordance with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The EU or the USA have done so, and commitments are still expected from China and India.

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