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Over 50 column – The rediscovery of friendliness

Actually, I’m a rocker. Never really outgrown the hard guitar riffs of the 70s. But it is time for confession. In winter I like it cozy twice a week.

The 11th season of “The Voice of Germany” begins on Thursday.

► Totally nice talents sing.

► Totally nice coaches buzz full of passion.

► Totally nice mums and dads shed tears of emotion behind the scenes.

► And afterwards everyone says nice things about each other.

The return of friendliness. In the age of hatred and agitation, a boon for my good-natured mind.


The daughter loves the show as dearly as I do. For the warm-up we stream old episodes with Rea and Samu, the Fantas and Yvonne. We immerse ourselves in this ideal world where everyone always wins, even those who lose.

I may have dozed off.

An older guy with Rasta braids performs the Bob Marley classic “No Wahlen, No Cry”. Is that deceiving me, or does he look like Armin Laschet?

The coaches hesitate for a long time, but in the end nobody turns around. Samu consoles: “I had chicken skin with ‘Linksrutsch little Sister’.” Later on, some excitement because Armin clings to the Jamaican background singer and doesn’t want to leave the stage.

Great season!

Next, the duo “Scholz & Habeck” raps the traffic light classic “Red and Green” by Rolf Zuckowski. The buzzers crackle. Smudo praises: “Great performance, respect for you!”

Later Christian Lindner sings with a three-day beard “We all live in a yellow submarine”. The first-time voters romp in the audience. Irish coach Rea Garvey strokes his chin: “I liked your attitude. You can feel from the first second: You want to become a superstar. “


I wake up when the daughter writhes out of my arms to go to bed. The woman whispers in my ear: “Nobody dreams as beautifully as you and your snoring was back on point.”

Rediscovering friendliness. Would be a real try for all of us.

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