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Over 50 column – check in, check out, check nothing

“At the window? Very much. An aperitif before dinner? Prego Signore! “


Restaurant visits were pleasantly analogous in the past. And today? Start the app with a digital vaccination card. Start the Luca app. Scan the QR code. With the result “checked in”, wave in the direction of the waiter. In some restaurants you can also scan the QR code on the menu. You are no longer hungry. Check out after your meal.

Well. I basically forget at least the last part. And when I check my cell phone again before going to bed, I find accusing messages from the Luca app that I have not signed out again.

Cell phone apps, anyway, a source of constant annoyance. For me they can be divided into the following categories:

► Was on my cell phone when I bought it, no idea what they are good for.

► I would like to use it, but I forgot the password.

► Was “free” once, but now costs 69 dollars a month because I did not cancel the trial subscription.

► Something to do with Barbie, installed the ten-year-old daughter.

That’s what happens when you stop being interested in any gimmick beyond the age of 50!

After all, I belong to that happy generation whose greatest technical challenge was to be mastered with a pencil: namely, to wind up the magnetic tape of the chrome-dioxide cassette when the recorder once again messed up the tape while recording the hit parade.


In addition, there are no apps for the really important areas of life anyway. Where are they, the little helpers who …

… talk to the woman at the breakfast table if you prefer to read the newspaper yourself?

… take the dogs for a walk by drone when it rains?

… tell the child to stay away from daddy’s cell phone?


So now I’m hungry. First make lunch. But at the entrance to the Italian, I notice that I’m still sitting in the steakhouse from last night for the Luca app.

Should I eat a rump steak instead of pizza?

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