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Over 30 party! – Hermelinde heats us up again

The summer turns full! Hoch Hermelinde brings us high temperatures until Friday.

Monday started gently with small bands of cloud, dry and sunny at 19 to 28 degrees. It will stay warm to very warm until Friday. The maximum values ​​even reach up to 32 degrees in the west and southwest from Wednesday. Only at night does it get significantly cooler.

“There have never been so many summer days in a row and also drought this summer in Germany,” says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal

Longest period of good weather in summer 2021

On Thursday it will remain mostly sunny, according to German it should be in the southwest Weather Service (DWD) In the course of the day there is increasing cumulus cloud formation and subsequently also individual showers and thunderstorms, especially over the mountainous region. Temperature rise to 24 to 29 degrees.

But what happens on the weekend? Will the weather change again next week – or will there be a gentle transition to autumn?

Graduated meteorologist Dominik Jung on BILD: “That is the question of price! The US weather model sees a sharp drop in temperatures on Sunday. Sunday should only be 14 to 20 degrees. That would be almost cold after these summer days! ︎ The European weather model, on the other hand, does not see this advance of cold air. So the values ​​should be able to reach 20 to 26 degrees next Sunday, which would again be a pleasant transition! “

Jung next: “We’ll have to wait a little longer in order to be able to give an exact forecast from the coming weekend. But until then, the longest period of good weather in summer 2021 will simply continue. We should therefore continue to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in the coming days. “

BILD: Why is it currently so difficult to forecast?

Jung: “This is because we have two ex-hurricanes interfering with the weather: ‘Ida’, currently in Iceland, and ‘Larry’, which is slowly turning from the Atlantic to Northern Europe and will affect us over the weekend. An exciting weather thriller. “

It will continue like this in the coming days

Tuesday: friendly and dry, warm in summer at 20 to 29 degrees.

Wednesday: lots of sunshine and very warm with values ​​of 23 to 30 degrees.

Thursday: sunny, dry and partly hot, in the evenings from the west individual thunderstorms and 24 to 32 degrees.

Friday: Mix of sun and clouds, very warm, individual showers and thunderstorms at 24 to 31 degrees.

Saturday: Unsafe weather conditions, cooling down possible, showers and thunderstorms and 20 to 27 degrees.

Sunday: Mix of sun and clouds, individual thunderstorms and showers at 14 to 23 degrees.

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