31-year-old Russian film and television actress, star of the series “Grand” and “Hotel Eleon” Alexandra Kuzenkina gave birth to a daughter. The Italian resident celebrity shared the good news on her official Instagram account. There she also published a photo of a newborn girl with her husband, Italian Bruno Corpino. The baby was named Nicole.

“Our fish has come to us! On March 18, Bruno and I became the parents of our daughter Nicole. Be happy, daughter, we are near! ” – signed a touching shot of Alexander Kuzenkin.

The future actress was born on March 4, 1990 in Zelenograd. Already at the age of 13 she performed a small role in the serial film “Striped Summer”, then graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, served in the “Satyricon”. Kuzenkina is best known for her roles in the comedy series Hotel Eleon and How I Became Russian. Some time ago, the actress put her career on hiatus and moved to Italy, where she married the chef Bruno Corpino.

Netizens congratulate young parents on a happy event. “Sashul, I congratulate you! Grow big and strong ”,“ Pretty girl ”,“ What great news! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart ”,“ Happiness to my daughter and good health ”,“ Happy for you! Happiness to your daughter and you, young parents “,” Stunned! Congratulations “,” Sasha, how happy we are for you! So happy, ”commentators say.


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