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Osc / par, the deadmau5 plugin that connects the DAW with networked OSC systems


OSC / PAR system created by deadmau5

Popular electronic music artist deadmau5 is releasing CSO / PAR, a commercial version of a plugin that until now it maintained for the exclusive use of its own shows. The software is oriented to a simple but vital task when it comes to thinking about live music: it allows to link musical events from a DAW to any type of OSC client in real time.

The plug-in works within the DAW and allows collect transport information, MIDI notes, automation events or variations within a song list. Any gesture that is made in the DAW, OSC / PAR translates it into OSC messages, which can be sent via WiFi from a local network to link the DAW with some software or hardware oriented to control video, lights, etc.

OSC / PAR coexists with OSC/PILOT, a bidirectional control application designed for real-time performance of video artists and musicians. Using both, it is possible to create complex audiovisual control systems that can also interact with the DAW in real time. Very suitable for FOH applications and live audiovisual experimentation.

OSC / PAR is available right now from its official store at a price of $ 19.99. It works on both Windows and macOS as a VST and AudioUnit plugin.

More information on the OSC / PAR website

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