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organized by Sergio Massa, Alberto Fernández receives and Máximo Kirchner goes

After the sanction of the legalization of abortion that he celebrated in the privacy of Olivos, the president Alberto Fernandez will gather this Wednesday the deputies of the Frente de Todos, in Olivos, to honor them with a toast. The initiative was managed by the head of Deputies Sergio Massa, who will be present with the head of the ruling bloc, Maximum Kirchner and 62 legislators. The rest, 55 K deputies, will follow him by zoom, remotely.

The event, scheduled for 3.30 pm will serve to show drive on the block After the transcendental sanction of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, which the Senate made into law: 32 legislators from the block of 119 deputies of the Lower House voted against the bill sent by the Executive.

Green and light blue they will be invited. “Iran from both sides. They are all deputies “, they pointed out near the president of the Lower House.

In the Senate the situation is a little more critical. A dozen Senators from the Frente de Todos opposed the official project. Among them the block boss, the Formoseño José Mayans, who actively worked so that the Executive’s initiative failed. On Wednesday some of the most powerful ministers of the Cabinet guaranteed the continuity of the main delegate of the governor Gildo Insfran in Congress and in the official armed forces.

President Alberto Fernández, on Monday, when he announced housing and works for Avellaneda, Quilmes, Berazategui and Florencio Varela.  Presidency photo.

President Alberto Fernández, on Monday, when he announced housing and works for Avellaneda, Quilmes, Berazategui and Florencio Varela. Presidency photo.

The ruling party is preparing for the legislative elections of 2021, with the certainty that there will be STEP after the Government pushed the initiative of the governors to suspend them. It also closes the ranks for an intense summer with extraordinary sessions. Deputies sanctioned last night and in an adjusted way the pension calculation reform proposed by the Government. The Executive, among other initiatives, pushes a construction law, which will include money laundering to invest in the sector and the financing of the national science system.

The visit of the deputies to Olivos and the presence of Maximum Kirchner sends another drive signal while mayors of Peronism Buenos Aires Tense with La Cámpora to define if the son of the vice president becomes the next president of the Buenos Aires PJ. Fernández already decided in favor of the deputy. The head of state would be anointed president of the party at the national level in March.

Last Wednesday, before Christmas Eve, the President had entertained all the ministers of his Cabinet with a barbecue that served to make balance sheets.

On that occasion, there were no representatives of the pro-government armed forces outside the Executive; not even the headlines of the decentralized organizations, a detail that fueled suspicions after the speech of Cristina Kirchner in which he elliptically criticized the Cabinet. “They did very well,” he motivated each of his ministers.

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