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Orbelín Pineda responds to criticism on social networks: ‘don’t say mam …’

A fan of La Maquina questioned Orbelín Pineda about his performance against Chivas and the celestial element responded

The Cruz Azul midfielder and national team, Orbelín Pineda, responded in Twitter to the criticism of a user who insinuated that tonight against Chivas he did not show his best level due to his rojiblanco past.

“My Orbelín today did go out to play with the Chivas jersey. It was known 😞 ”, the user @DiamondRuelas posted on Twitter, after which the celestial player answered him openly.

“Don’t Say Mam … Comrade 😞”, Pineda wrote on his Twitter @ orbelin90, despite the fact that the original tweet had not “enraptured” him.

Arisen in the basic forces of Club Querétaro, Orbelín Pineda was bought by Cruz Azul in December 2018 for a figure close to 12 million dollars and during this present Guard1anes 2021 has had one of its best tournaments, which has attracted the attention of Guadalajara, which has explored the possibility of repurchasing it, according to sources consulted by ESPN, while the 25-year-old player has not renewed his contract with La Maquina in search of fulfilling the European dream.

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