A few months ago, the pilot Ken Block, announced the end of his business relationship with the firm of the blue oval, Ford. After more than 10 years of success through his famous Gymkhana, WRX, Rallycroos and the development of various vehicles aboard which Block accomplished countless feats. Today, Block has decided to put three of these peculiar specimens up for sale through LBI Limited, a company dedicated to the sale of cars, located in Philadelphia.

Ford Fiesta ST GYM3

The first specimen that is part of this impressive trident and that is also responsible for the Gymkhanas exploding the way they did. In turn, it is also the first model with which the relationship between Block and Ford was established.

The exploits aboard this 600 hp hot hatch come from a bloque Olsberg Duratec, in addition to being able to do the 0 to 100 km / h in just two seconds, they have been seen on YouTube, 66 million times.

Ford Fiesta ST RX43

It is a 2013 model and appeared in three different editions of the Gymkhana, SIX, EIGHT y Terrakhana Films. It was also the championship winning car of Rallycross in 2013He even took on Lewis Hamilton’s car in an explanation six years ago.

Ford RS200

Probably the most special of the three, historically speaking, since only 200 units were manufactured for homologation requirements, in Group B times in 1986, this being number 80. Another aspect that makes it stand out is that Ken Block himself considers it his dream car.

And the price?

Only the Ford RS200 has a public price of $ 550,000 dollars, more of $1,124,000 pesos. Of the other two, a similar or higher figure is expected.

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