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Operation Chapultepec. “Yes, count on me,” said the Sonoran nurse

They barely asked him to be part of the Sonoran contingent that would leave for Mexico City as part of the Operation Chapultepec, -which provides support to hospitals in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in entities with maximum alert due to the pandemic due to Covid-19, and Posteo Morales did not think twice to say: yes, count on me!

The nurse arrived in Mexico City this Saturday, December 26, he is one of the 42 members of Operation Chapultepec, comes from the land of heroes, he indicates, as he collaborates in the IMSS Zone 23 Hospital in the municipality of Nacozari, Sonora.

“We come with everything to support the pandemic, we leave everything in Sonora, family and children, but we know that this month that we will be in the city, it will do a lot of learning, help and a lot of knowledge. I have always liked to help others, so I come to give my all and return something of what God and the IMSS have given me, “he said.

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For the Sonoran being part of Operation Chapultepec, it is a privilege because he knows that all the experience he can acquire will serve him when he pays attention to the zone hospital to which it belongs.

For a month he will be providing his services in various hospitals in Mexico City to relieve the workload of medical personnel in the capital of the country, since it heads the list of states with the highest hospital occupancy nationwide.

When questioning if he will miss something from his land, the nurse points out that he will not be able to be at the end of the year celebration with his family, but what really saddens him is not spending his little son’s fifth birthday.

“My boy’s birthday is next January 5, I will be working, it makes me sad, but I know that he will understand, I will explain to him later why I was absent, I know that he will understand. When we agreed to come here we knew that we were leaving the things that matter most to us, but it’s worth it, Mexico is worth it, “he said.

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Posteo Morales, told us that he does not know whether during his stay in the capital of the Republic they will apply the vaccine against Covid-19, as part of the priority group that will be receiving the doses, since he will be exposed to the Sars-Cov2 virus during his stay in hospitals in Mexico City.

“I do not know if we will be among the first to be vaccinated, but what we do know is that the pandemic does not end with the application of vaccines, we must all be responsible and take care of ourselves by taking care of the measures stipulated by the health authorities,” he concluded.


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