“Only the beginning of our fight”: Trump guarantees “orderly handover”

“Just the beginning of our fight”
Trump guarantees “orderly handover”

The US Congress confirms Joe Biden as the new US President. Donald Trump accepts the decision and assures an “orderly handover”. However, he still does not want to accept the election result and is combative.

The elected US President Donald Trump has promised election winner Joe Biden an “orderly handover” on January 20th. In an official statement, he recognized Biden’s confirmation in the US Congress, but he still does not agree with the election result. As Trump’s Twitter accounts were paralyzed after the storming of Congress, Vice Chief of Staff Dan Scavino spread the message.

Trump said the decision “marked the end of the greatest first term in the president’s history.” “I have always said that we would continue our fight to make sure that only legal votes are counted,” the statement said. “It’s just the beginning of our struggle to make America great again.”

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